Apple had a good day, and it's not the end of the world for everybody else.

Andy's incredibly smart, but I think he's got it wrong here:

Samsung will be fine. The biggest losers here are consumers. If the verdict stands, then the costs of the judgment will be reflected in the cost of mobile devices. Furthermore, other manufacturers will feel the need to buy Apple’s official permission to build useful phones, passing down the possible $20-per-handset fee.

And it’s possible that the next great phone, the one that shames the iPhone the same way that the iPhone buried the Blackberry, will never make it to market. Designing and selling an advanced smartphone just became a dangerous business.
— Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times

False. Apple doesn't hold a patent on "useful" or "advanced".

Innovation is inherently difficult, and Apple's victory today doesn't make it any more or less so. It just stipulates that Apple's designs are its own and says to competitors, "Come up with something else, or rather, come up with something BETTER."