Is it a font, or a 'Hunger Games' character?

As a free American male, I don’t think I would ever have voluntarily read Suzanne Collins’s famous Hunger Games trilogy, but like millions of other American men there was a woman in my life to suggest (read: command) that I do so.

So I did. And apart from the copious amounts of teenage angst and cliches of postapocalyptic fiction, the first and second parts of the trilogy actually weren’t awful. The third novel was, but that’s another story for another day. There was something that bothered me throughout the series, however, and that was in the author’s naming of her characters:

They all sound like fonts. You know, typefaces.

Seneca Crane. Greasy Sae? The author could have just as easily gone with Museo Sans and Helvetica Neue and still evoked the same “Whisky-tango-foxtrot were their parents thinking?” atmosphere.

Let’s play a game. Below are a few of groups of names. Each trio contains the names of two fonts and the name of one ‘Hunger Games’ character. One of these things is not like the others Can you pick out the ‘HG’ character?

  • Arial Black

    Effie Trinket

    Lucida Grande

  • Skia



  • Flavius



  • Futura



  • Cato



Okay, that last one was all ‘Hunger Games’ characters, but I bet you get my point.


PS Do not, I repeat, DO NOT see the movie. It made me die inside.

PPS Don’t read the books either. You’ll want to see the movie.