3D Star Wars is a Very Bad Idea

George Lucas is currently in the process of reworking and rereleasing all six Star Wars films in 3D. And it’s f***ing stupid. 3D content needs to be staged, shot, and edited with a completely different directorial and editorial mindset because fast cuts, or quick sequences of shots, don’t give the viewer’s eyes enough time to adjust to the changes in the depth of field. To immerse the viewer in the effects of 3D, content instead needs to contain long, sustained shots…and fewer of them. Because it’s simulated 3D, (there’s not really wall of fire coming towards your head) your brain takes a fraction of a second to process the image it sees. I’ll repeat: the secret to really good 3D content lies not only in the technology but in the actual production of the content itself…specifically the cinematography and editing processes. Unless Boy George is reediting the visual pace of all six films, (which, okay, couldn’t make Episode I any worse, but still…), the Star Wars Saga in 3D is just another attempt to cash in on a technological gimmick. George, it doesn’t need to be this way…see?