Eulogy for a Princess

As I'm sure the tens of you who frequent this site already know, on December 12th the world lost a beautiful soul. Today, December 22rd, would have been Katy Knutson's 23rd birthday.

It makes me unbelievably sad that a person so generous and kind isn't here anymore. Katy was one of those people who enriched the lives of anyone who was lucky enough to be around her, and I feel incredibly blessed to have known her.

I met Katy my first year of college. From the minute I met her, she struck me as someone rare and precious. She did more than make my classes less tedious, rehearsals more fun, and even my day a better day. She made my life a better life. I can honestly say that many of the great things in my life are part of my life because Katy was there. And the most beautiful thing of all is that Katy never tried to. It's just the person she was. Katy was truly a princess. She touched thousands of lives and made every single one of them better because she showed true kindness and generosity. And sometimes all it took was a smile.

Hardly a moment has gone by lately that something hasn't reminded me of her. Often it's something pink, something pretty, or something sparkly. Because Katy was all those things, too. She sparkled and shimmered like glitter. I like to think of glitter because of my experience in art class years ago: It makes everything beautiful, more is always better, and somehow or other a little bit always gets stuck to you.

Katy, you'll always be stuck to me.

Sparkle on.