It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

Last night, another Canadian became a part of America's treasured past. Leslie Nielsen (of 'Airplane!' and 'The Naked Gun' fame) died of pneumonia at the young age of 84.

But with his passing came a personal revelation: Even in this age of reality television, Justin Bieber, Jackass sequels and the like, we've still got some class.

I used to be convinced that my generation was the worst...  Just look at the Hollywood peerage: Our parents and grandparents had Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, and Johnny Carson.  Who does my generation have?  Well, we've got Lindsay Lohan.  Enough said, right?

But after seeing all the quotes and tributes to Leslie Nielsen across the interwebs today, many of which came from people my age, I can officially say that our generation is going to be okay.  We know how brilliant 'Airplane!' was, and we haven't forgotten about the artists who paid their dues and worked really hard to entertain us.  People with class.

Leslie Nielsen had class.

84.  Gone too soon.